Battery Charger Krisbow 150A starter 1800A, 12V/24V

Benefits :
Krisbow battery charger, vehicle starter and charging device is a rectifying device to convert alternating current into direct current. We use new technology of producing transformer. From rectifier to circuit component, we all use excellent products to ensure its quality of sale, durable, high efficient and low loss.
There are many models. Single phase charger assists medium and small-sized vehicle charging and starting. Two phase charger is for medium and small-sized vehicle direct starting and charging. Three-phase charger is for large-sized vehicle starting and charging.
Krisbow battery charger, vehicle starter and charging device can be used by vehicle repair shops. Transporting companies can use it to start vehicle in cold weather. It is also best choice for charging vehicle batteries, fork lifts, electric entertainment equipment.,-12v/24v
Specification :
Voltage (phase-V)
3 – 380
Frequency (Hz)
Charging Voltage (V)
Charging Current (A)
Current (0 volt) (A)
Current (1 volt) (A)
Max. Input power charger (kW)
Batteries start Min/Max (Ah)
Batteries start when charging (Ah)
Dimension (mm)
500 x 340 x 790
Weight (kg) 72
Orientation scope (V)
12/24 large and heavy type car  starts and refreshes

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